Movies/Video Productions

Short Movies

Wilderness & Ruin – Landscape – 2018

Wilderness & Ruin from Dark Forest Media on Vimeo.

Fever Dreams – Surreal Short – 2017

Fever Dreams from Dark Forest Media on Vimeo.

Damp Air – Short Experimental – 2017


Damp Air from Dark Forest Media on Vimeo.

Studebaker Radio – Surreal/Horror – 2016

Cobwebs – Short Experimental – 2014


Fear The Living – Short Horror – 2011

Synopisis: When the dead walk the earth, we must fear the living.
Fear the Living is the tale of a wanderer who stumbles upon an old farmhouse that seems to have electricity amidst a zombie apocalypse. What’s waiting for him inside is far more fearsome than anything he has yet encountered. Fear the Living portrays the cruelty that we can deliver to our fellow man, within our darkest hours.


GREEN HELL: A Jay Crimson Film

In the summer of 2013, Jay Crimson approached Dark Forest Media with his film GREEN HELL. Dark Forest Media re-cut, and added sound to this bizarre basement film. It deals with Zombie and Drugs, and lots of them.

Visit the official GREEN HELL Facebook

Music Videos

ABDUCTED – I See The World from Dark Forest Media on Vimeo.


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