Added a GoPro Hero to the Arsenal.

I made the decision to throw myself further into debt (to the man) for the sake of having more tools to fight back with in the underground.

I purchased a GoPro Hero.

This was to remedy my need for a camera I didn’t have to hold all the time, could be used out doors, and could take quality shots. Thus, the GoPro popped into my brain as a solution to these problems.

I plan on using this camera for small projects (Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Ect.) as well as a B cam on major projects (Movies/Music Videos) And even as my A cam for a couple outdoor projects (Fishing for Fuck Ups). The fact is, the camera can be used to shoot an entire production if used right, so I am definitely happy with this purchase and will be putting my new tool into affect immediately.

And GOD DAMN does it feel good to pop an SD card into my lap top and start editing right away. Not a luxury I have with my main weapon, the Sony HDR-HC5 Handycam, which uses MiniDV tapes that I have to take the time to capture; on some one elses computer I might add.

Here’s some real quick test footy I shot earlier after I got back from the man’s office (Best Buy)


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