Dark Forest Media UPDATES!

ALOT has happened since I last updated the site. So I am just going to brush over the developments.

  • First, the site has gotten a purple make over. This is to symbolize the re-introduction of soul and color in the very dull gray existence I have been suffering through. That extra color represents positive energy and moving forward with my life and my body of work.new-bannersd.png
  • Second. This is by far the biggest development in the Dark Forest Media World. GREEN HELL! I was approached by a man that goes by the name of Jay Crimson this summer. He wanted to know if I could help him re edit this underground indie flick he had been sitting on since 2007. After review of the movie I took on the challenge immediately. By October of 2013 I had re-cut and re in-visioned Jay Crimson’s Retro Horror Flick. You can view the trailer below.  You can visit the Official Green Hell Facebook HERE
  • And last but not least. Dark Forest Media has launched an underground news blog called Tunnel to the Underground! I always wanted to create a blog for underground art, so I have. And I have invited many other underground artists to contribute their minds to the blog as well. Alot of DFM energy will be focused on this project so stay up to date.
  •  MAYBE

About Dark Forest Media

Production Company Dealing in Multi Media Projects
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