So after getting balls deep into development with MANTRA:The Forbidden Scroll using the TWINE engine, I decided to switch over to Construct 2 so that I can publish the game directly to mobile devices as well as browser. So it’s back to ground zero. I made a video that demonstrates what the game plays like on the TWINE engine. It kind of spoils the first part of episode one, but I wanted to show people just how far you can push this engine that is primarily built for text based games. I have yet to see some one create a multimedia TWINE of this caliber. It bums me out that I wont be using TWINE anymore just becuase I thought this would be a pretty groundbreaking TWINE game, but I have to monetize this project right away, and I can’t do that without getting the first episode on all the mobile markets. So anyway, here is the video.

I hope to have the first episode out by Q1.


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