Master Toad – “Survival Horror” digital Album Review

First Review for the new Master Toad Album! Many Thanks! 🙂

The Noise Beneath The Snow

MastertoadSurvival Horror – Master Toad

Master Toad; not exactly a name one might think to be typically synonymous with dark ambient music.  But then again, an album capable of serving as a soundtrack to the closing of dusk and a 3-D view of the AM clouds isn’t typical either.  Either way, Survival Horror is just as effective.

Master Toad is the project of dark ambient/drone composer Justin Thomas Squires.  Survival Horror is the fourth full-length album and “serves as an homage to classic survival horror games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Amnesia among others.”  In addition to four full-length releases, Master Toad has also released three EPs and two split albums.

Right away, I thought of the Cryo-Chamber label.  By now, everyone knows how much I love that label so I could end the review now.  But…… I won’t.

Master Toad creates an environment with rapidly flowing…

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